Top Struggles of a Blogger


Giving you an inside scoop on the top struggles I face regularly as a blogger…

Being a blogger was something that just kind of happened to me. I mean of course I put my mind to it, but the idea pretty much fell on my lap and I decided to run with it. That was just over two years ago, and since then, I have been able to travel the world, attend exclusive events, and drench myself in amazing clothes. Seems all fun and great, and it really is, but I think it's often easy to forget the hard work and thought that goes behind each and every blog post, Instagram post, Instagram story, etc. I'm not writing this post to complain about not getting extra credit, but rather to open the eyes of others and let you know the top struggles of a blogger.


There are so many women who are bloggers. I mean seriously everyday on Instagram I find myself scrolling down the popular page and finding numerous accounts of girls showing their daily outfit and more. I think it's healthy to have some competition, but it is known that the world of blogging has become over saturated thanks to Instagram. I can't complain, I started my blog on Instagram and then moved it to my website, but it is hard to stand out when there are so many  people doing what you are doing.


This is the number one struggle for me. Creativity is really key in the world of blogging and to help you stand out. Chances are, whatever picture you are excited to be taking has already been done before, and it will be done again after you. It is key to produce content that appeals to the general population of the people who are following you. Posting to my Instagram once or twice a day everyday is both mentally and physically draining. To have to come up with captions, edit the photos, and let alone take them is hard.  I would say I'm a pretty creative person, but posting unique photos and coming up with new ideas for blog posts can be very tiring. Bloggers who post to their blog daily do not receive nearly enough credit.


All the events, the networking, the shooting, the editing, etc., can be so exhausting and intense. It's hard for me to let loose and enjoy a moment if I know I should be shooting for my blog or Instagram. I know that's sad, but that is the profession I chose and the world we live in. I'm constantly on my phone and switching around the photos on my feed to all align and match (app is called UNUM). It's part of the job. I want to always produce the best content that I can and I won't settle with a mediocre photo when I know I could do better. It's important to get out of your head and do the best you can, not basing your decisions on what the opinions of others might be.


I love my job, I really do. It's so amazing to inspire and reach so many people daily. I'm grateful for the support and to be able to make a living with by combining all the things I am passionate: food, travel, fashion, fitness, and photography. I am living a dream at 20 years old that I wake up being thankful for everyday. I hope this post gives you some insight into the behind the scenes of blogging and the mental struggle of this profession. Thank you for your support!