My Thoughts on Blogging + How it all Began


I am a nineteen year old Los Angeles native and I started blogging just under a year ago. Since then, I have been creating content daily and I wanted to share with you how I got into this profession since I get asked daily on my Instagram. Let me start off by telling you how I got into blogging. I started modeling at the age of thirteen and acting at fifteen and due to auditions and castings I missed a lot of school. I somehow was able keep my GPA at a 4.0 during high school, but I felt extremely conflicted when deciding whether to go to college or not. During this time, I was doing a lot of swim modeling and I was actively auditioning for commercials and television and film which contributed to my following on Instagram. I booked my first national commercial during my senior year and I felt as though that was a sign to follow my dreams and by doing so, I decided not to go to college. I felt like it was my time and if I didn't at least try to pursue my career, I would really regret it.

Over the summer I struggled as I watched all my friends go away to school and coming from a private school, parents and peers turned their heads which really did make me feel less than. But I knew in my heart I had made the right decision and I knew that I was going to work as hard as I could because of how badly I wanted to be successful.

About six months after booking this commercial, my LA agency suggested I go to New York to meet with modeling agencies after walking in shows in Miami Swim Week. While I was there I met with Socialyte, the largest influencer marketing agency.  All the modeling agencies were hesitant to work with me because I am just under 5'8, but Socialyte saw potential in me and they encouraged me to start a blog. I launched my blog around three months after meeting with Socialyte and I truly feel it was one of the best things I have done.

As an aspiring actress, auditions and jobs are inconsistent so it was important for me to find something I was passionate about to feed my creative thirst. Blogging has been so awesome because it is an open creative space in which I can do whatever I want with! I have always been into beauty, fashion, and travel and modeling was my first love so for me, my blog allows me model too! I also receive so many amazing opportunities to travel and continue to explore which has been one of my favorite parts! I am able to work from home and when I please, which is really great because some weeks I am busy 24/7 and then on my random day off, I can stay in bed and watch Netflix (currently watching Breaking Bad)!

As a blogger, I have my own small business, behind every photo, every blog post, every tweet, and every caption, I am always thinking about what will be best for my business. I strive to be classy, unique, and relatable to my followers and readers. If you are not relatable, who would want to read your blog? I am constantly trying to come up with ideas on what I can blog about and inform my readers about. I am a workaholic, but I feel you have to be in order to be successful as a blogger or really, in any profession. Most importantly, I want to inspire people to follow their dreams regardless of what people say because if you don't try you will NEVER know.