The Benefits of Powering Down Your Phone


Here's why you should make an effort to put your phone down everyday 

Technology is an absolutely amazing concept; you can connect with people from across the world with the click of a button. The majority of us spend hours on our smartphones daily, whether it's for work, connecting with friends, or just for fun. I mean let's face it, we depend on our phones for entertainment, to be a personal scape goat, and honestly they help pass time. I spend a great deal of time on social media daily and find myself being counterproductive when I'm constantly refreshing my ever-changing Twitter and Instagram feeds. However, it is very important to look up and spend time away from your phone and present in the world around you. I try my best to put my phone down in social settings and I especially try hard to unplug and unwind at night, which I feel is very important to do. I wanted to write a post on the benefits of powering down your phone and if the below facts inspire you to possibly look around more, then I feel my job is complete!

The Benefits of Powering Down Your Phone
  1. It's refreshing to take just 30 minutes away from social media.
  2. You can socialize.
  3. You will be more productive.
  4. You can stop comparing (women are more likely to do this).
  5. You can be present.
  6. You can spend quality time with people.
  7. Your brain will function more naturally.
  8. Your attention span will increase.
  9. You will sleep better and wake up better.
  10. You'll increase efficiency.
Don't be afraid to start small, try to unplug about 40 minutes before bed to start!

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