The 3 Most-Chic Lunch Places in Los Angeles


Here's where you need to go for a chic lunch with girlfriends in LA:

Whether you are visiting or you are a local these three lunch places are iconic and have always stood out to me. Chances are, you have probably seen the three chic restaurants all over Instagram and wondered if the food was good and if the hype was real. Read on to learn what I think!


Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills hotel is probably one of the most Instagram'd places in Los Angeles. Known for their iconic pink exterior, palm tree wallpaper, and of course, the Polo Lounge. The Beverly Hills Hotel is a sight to see whether you are from out of town or are an LA-native like myself. There are two restaurants there that both have actually incredible food. The Polo Lounge is a classic and classy restaurant which has been a watering hole for stars and industry deal makers for year. It is elegant and absolutely perfect for a girls celebratory brunch, lunch, or even a tea! The Poolside Cabana Cafe is definitely more casual and is great for a quick lunch with a friend in an outdoor environment. Their avocado toast is seriously one of my favorite in the entire world - Yes, I know that is a big statement, but it's true!  The whole environment is beautiful and people watching there is one of my guilty pleasures! Reservations are necessary if you want a guaranteed seat. My photos were taken at the Cabana Cafe.


The Ivy 

The Ivy has two locations, one in Santa Monica, and one on Robertson, both with their own charm and personalities. From beautiful floral arrangements, to pink walls, and beautiful food, this restaurant is a MUST to eat at with girlfriends! Both locations have an upbeat sort of energy and are great for celeb sightings if you are into that! Everything about the Ivy is classy and it has been a landmark in LA since it opened in 1983 according to restaurant critics. It has been a tradition in my family to have mother's day brunch at the Ivy for as long as I can remember since it is one of my mom's favorite restaurants. A few things I recommend ordering: Crab Cakes, Corn Chowder, Ivy Cobb Salad (my favorite!), all the deserts, and sometimes they have these blueberry scones at the Santa Monica location that my mouth is currently watering thinking about, I think it's on Sundays but I am not sure!

Rose Cafรฉ 

Rose is another one of those restaurants that is just beautiful and classy. It has been open for over 40 years and most LA locals know and love this place.  The first time I went there was on a dinner date with Adam and it instantly became one of my favorite restaurants. I recommend sitting outside since the weather is almost always perfect and the ambiance is charming and unlike any other restaurant in LA. Their Paella is my absolute favorite! For lunch I would recommend the Yellowtail Sashimi, the Burrata Toast, Brentwood Corn on the Cob, and their Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. Everything I have ever tried there has been great and they are also a bakery so the pastries are literally to die for. Seriously one of my favorite restaurants in the world.