Take a Drive to Montauk with Uber


Head out east to Montauk and take a drive with Uber this summer

Take a Drive to Montauk with Uber

Last weekend I Uber-ed out east to Montauk, New York. It was Memorial Day Weekend and one of the first weekends of Summer in the Hamptons/Montauk area. The restaurants and beaches were buzzing and that summer feeling was surely in the air. Uber made it so easy to get to and from everywhere my friends and I went, and allowed us to enjoy the weekend away stress-free without having to worry about traffic or navigating traffic. I wanted to give you a couple of places to go in Montauk that Uber can help you get to!

Take a Drive to Montauk with Uber Julia Friedman wearing For Love and Lemons Swimwear

New York Pilates

Wake up and work out! The Montauk studio is super cute!

Hero Beach Club

A boho boutique hotel that is conveniently located in the heart of Montauk.


Surf Lodge 

A waterfront restaurant and party scene filled with fun people and concerts on weekends! Definitely the place to be.


Bluestone Lane for Breakfast 

I love Bluestone Lane in the city, and the Montauk location is super cute as well! Perfect for coffee and a healthy breakfast like their Avocado Toast and their Almond Butter Banana toast!

The Beach

When is the beach ever a bad idea?! The beaches of Montauk are gorgeous and so very serene, a must to hang on the beach in the company of close friends or family!


With my parents living on the West Coast, they like to know that I am safe even if they do not hear from me once I get home or back to wherever I am staying. Uber has implemented an amazing new feature where you can add up to 5 Trusted Contacts, like close friends or family members, and the app gives you the option to share your trip details with them by the tap of a button, to let them know your whereabouts and that you’ve arrived to your destination. This is such an awesome feature to use if you have worries about friends or family far away. You can learn more about Uber’s new safety features here, all designed to improve the quality of every ride.


Thank you to Uber for partnering with me on this post. As always, all words and opinions above are my own and genuine.