Sunday Brunching at Malibu Farms

One of my favorite brunch spots is Malibu Farm located on the Malibu Pier. Everything on the menu is really good. They use all fresh ingredients from local farms and their food is great quality. I went with 3 of my friends and we shared an Acai Bowl (strawberry + banana + gluten free granola), the Salsa Verde Egg Sandwich (fried egg + cheese + bacon + avocado + brioche bun), Coconut Blackberry French Toast (like a baked bread pudding), and the Quinoa Oatmeal (mixed berries + farro red rice + quinoa oatmeal gluten free). Since everything sounded so good, we couldn't decide on just one thing each! We ended up sharing everything which was a great call! What could be better than good food and good company right on the beach?
FoodJulia FriedmanComment