Staying Fit During the Holidays


For me, staying fit during the holidays is very challenging. Between the heavy meals, rich desserts, drinks, and cold weather, it is hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym or go to your favorite workout. I love pilates because it elongates your body by strengthening and toning while stretching. I did all kinds of dance growing up, and I have been doing pilates for just over four years now. Pilates is definitely what you make it. If you are able to engage the proper muscles, it is a killer workout!


People also tend to drink less water when it is cold outside. I try to drink around three liters of water daily to keep my skin clear, maintain my weight and flush out the bad eating! Water is essential to keeping your body healthy from the inside-out.


The American Heart Association says adults need a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio daily. My favorite machine for cardio is the elliptical. Although cardio is boring, thirty minutes is such a small part of the day and you will feel amazing after releasing those endorphins! The hardest part about getting to the gym is getting ready and driving there! So get up and break a sweat!

Some cute workout clothes may help motivate you too!