Spring Netflix Guide


One thing I have learned to appreciate while living alone is my Netflix account. I'm actually not kidding there is just about nothing I love doing more than watching Netflix in bed on Sundays, and every other day of the week. HA. I am always talking to friends about new shows and finding great series to watch, so I  thought I would do a Spring Netflix Guide to accompany the Netflix Guides I made last year.


Here are the top 5 shows I recommend watching on Netflix this Spring:

Shameless (US) - Absolutely love this show. I became hooked after the first episode. Such an amazing cast and the storyline is amazing. It's about an alcoholic father with a family of 5 and their daily struggles in a comedic light. I highly recommend it!

Peaky Blinders - Took me two episodes to get into this show, but once I started I literally couldn't stop. Each character is so dynamic and I love learning about the culture of other countries at the time of the prohibition. This show is a must watch, the acting is impeccable and the main character constantly leaves you wanting more.

Queer Eye - I'm sure many of you have seen plenty of hype around this show, and yes, it actually is as good as it looks. The men in it are hilarious. Essentially, there are five gay guys who specialize in different fields (grooming, interior design, etc.) and they have a new person each episode that they completely transform in efforts to help them find love and love themselves. Such an easy watch, funny, and so touching!

The Crown - I really loved this show. Although it's a tad bit slow, the acting is amazing and it really taught me a ton about the history of the English Monarchy. This show follows the young adulthood life of Queen Elizabeth II who still serves as England's queen today. This show is smart, witty, and really interesting!

The Imposters - I was kind of just scrolling through the 'Recommended for You' section of my Netflix and found this show. It basically follows the life of a con-artist woman who marries men for their money and steals it all. It's really fun to watch and it's also very clever. There is only one season online, the second one is about to start airing, so it would be a great time to start it!