My take on a Juice Cleanse


After Thanksgiving and a couple weeks of poor food choices and bad eating habits, I thought it would be a great time to try a juice cleanse to flush out all the junk and restart my system! I bought a 3-day cleanse from Pressed Juicery for under $100 (I know that seems ridiculous for juice, but it was actually a great price!). What you get: 6 juices a day. The supposed benefits of a juice cleanse are:

  1. A regulated, nourished colon
  2. Increased energy and stamina
  3. Increased mental clarity
  4. Better sleep patterns
  5. Radiant complexion, healthy hair and nails

After the first day I felt amazing! I wasn't very active and a little lethargic, but my body felt healthy and once I woke up the next morning I felt a lot better. During the second day I did a light pilates workout. I was starving because I was running around to castings all day and constantly having to pee from all the juices. I read on the Pressed website that if you are absolutely starving you can have some apple or cucumber slices so I had an apple. My favorite juices were the Citrus 2, the Chocolate Almond, and the Vanilla Almond, but I was craving a burger and fries because of all of the sugar! I began to get a headache that I think was caused by the sugar and obviously from not eating any protein. I woke up the third morning fine, but then I suddenly got extremely nauseous and thought it was best to eat real food. I took the juices back and Pressed gave me a store credit and then I ate a ton of food over the next couple of days because I deprived myself! So overall my juice cleanse was a fail! LOL. Major props to people who are able to do these cleanses on the regular.

I strongly believe in listening to your body. If you feel you should eat, then eat! The human body is designed to intake and digest real food, not solely juice. Even though the fruits and vegetables in the juice are healthy for you, they lose many nutrients and nearly all of their fiber when juiced. Next time I want to get back on a healthy eating track, I will definitely be eating raw vegetables, because they are the highest in nutrients before cooked, and lean proteins.