Minimizing anxiety with these 7 tips


Minimizing anxiety with these 7 tips

Maybe it’s my generation or the addition of constant tech in our lives, but I’ve noticed that most of my friends suffer from some form of anxiety. Whether it’s a major impairment on your life, or something that creeps up in certain situations, it’s obviously not fun to deal with. And since I tend to get anxiety fairly often, I’ve been working on ways to minimize it. If you do too, consider these 7 tips:


Limit alcohol & caffeine- Boring, I know, but it works! Alcohol and caffeine are both triggers of anxiety, especially when dealing with hangovers or jitters. Stick to one drink while you’re out, and one cup of coffee if you’re trying to shy away from anxiety. Tea is a wonderful alternative since the caffeine levels are significantly lower than coffee.

Meditate - Anxiety stems from being unable to turn off your mind, and meditation works directly to quiet it. If you’re new to meditation, try using the Headspace or Rituals app as a guide. Even 5 minutes can help!

Exercise - I notice that when I’m working out regularly, I feel less anxious in general. Endorphins can lower cortisol (stress) levels, you’re sweating out toxins, and it’s the perfect way to focus on yourself in a positive way.

Sleep - Like exercise, I find that when I’m sleeping 7-9 hours a night, I’m not as anxious. When you’re letting your body (and mind) rest sufficiently, it simply works better. Your entire day will go smoother, so prioritize shut eye.

Journal - When I’m feeling especially anxious, my journal is the first thing I grab. Do a ‘brain dump’ and get every single thought out of your head, especially the ones nagging at you. I always feel calmer after doing this, especially when I add what I’m grateful for at the end of my writing.

Eat well - Omega 3’s have been linked to reducing symptoms of both anxiety and depression, so try to get some in your diet daily, or take a supplement. I also limit sugar if my anxiety is bad, as artificial sugar can trigger anxiety.

Think worst case - This might sound like an oxymoron, but I find that thinking about the worst possible outcome actually helps. 99% of the time, I’m freaking out about something that isn’t that big of a deal, so determining that is important.