Lip Colors for Summertime


Summer Lip Colors...

There is nothing quite like sun-kissed skin and natural beauty looks during the summer! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, summer is my favorite time of the year! I thought to kick off my summer beauty posts, I would talk about my favorite lip colors! I am always wearing natural lip colors and I often use matte liquid lipsticks, but this summer I have some top picks for a dewier lip look that doesn't stray very far from my natural color schemes.

#1 Lip Pencil: Sephora Rouge Gel Liquid Liner in Cashmere Pink $12 (click hereto shop)

#1 Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Modern Matte Lipstick in Pillow Talk $34 (click here to shop)

#1 Lip Gloss: Bite Beauty Prismatic Gloss in Champagne Pearl $22 (click here to shop)