5 Things You Can do Everyday to Increase Your Happiness


Feeling in a funk? These 5  tips can help increase happiness in a matter of minutes!

Happiness is something we read or hear about often - it’s practically on the front of every self-help book or magazine - yet sometimes it doesn’t seem attainable. Especially on days when I’m not feeling my best, the idea of totally re-doing my life to become happy feels impossible. So instead of pressuring every day to be perfect, or to make big changes all the time, I’ve been thinking of small ways to feel happier quickly. Simple, little things I can do daily. Here are 5 of them!

Head outside: I’m totally guilty of being on my phone or computer pretty much all day, which is just not healthy for your mind or body! If you’re feeling tired or just blah, try heading outside. A quick 15 minute walk will energize you, and nature is shown to improve moods. It’s simply hard to be sad when staring at beautiful trees, the coast, or feeling a breeze on your face.


Turn off social media: As a blogger AND a millennial, the comparison struggle with Instagram is real (which I think most people can relate to). If I’m ever feeling too wrapped up in social or in other people’s worlds, I know I need to turn off social for the day. It’s incredible how freeing this simple exercise can be. Plus, it lets me focus on the other happy things in my life, like friends, family, exercise, whatever!

Help someone else: Whether that’s paying it forward at Starbucks or offering to help a friend move, focus on someone else when you can. We often get so wrapped up in our problems, even the smallest ones, so it’s nice to spread the love elsewhere.


Cook a healthy meal: We’ve all been there before. We’re having a bad day, so we head to the closest In and Out Burger or something just as unhealthy. After scarfing down, we usually end up feeling too full, tired, and even worse! Instead of junk food, try making a nutritious meal instead. Maybe it’s a big salad, whole wheat spaghetti and veggies, or an acai bowl. Cooking is cathartic, and your body and mind will be happier after being treated well.

Be gracious: Either first thing in the morning or right before bed, jot down 3 things you’re grateful for. You can do this in a journal or on your phone, that doesn’t matter; the gratitude is the important part.