6 Ways to Revamp Your Fitness Routine for Fall


Here's how I plan on keeping things moving this season even though I would rather be in bed!

Fall is always one of the most unmotivating times for fitness - at least for me! With summer over and less time in bikinis, the busy holiday season, and the fact that I just want to bundle up, the struggle to keep things moving is real. But this year, instead of letting my fitness routine slide and then regretting it, I thought I’d revamp my routine. By adding new classes and motivation, and a few other things, I’m actually feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt when it comes to fitness. If you’re looking for a similar revamp, here are 6 ideas:


Try a new class: We all know that it’s important to switch things up in order for your body to be consistently challenged, and it’s just as crucial for your mind. Before getting bored, commit to trying one new class a week - whether it’s a different yoga studio or an entirely new type of exercise. Personally, I’m excited to try hot Pilates this season. Some of my favorite LA classes: Platefit, Cardio Barre, Soul Cycle, and Corepower Yoga.

Go shopping: Just like new clothes can make you feel better, same goes with workout gear. Treat yourself to a few pairs of leggings, tanks, and even a fresh pair of Nike’s. You’ll obviously want to show everything off!

Find a buddy: If you’re having trouble getting to a class or the gym, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Seek out a friend who is dedicated to their routine, and ask to tag along a couple days a week. They’ll keep you accountable and it can double as a friend date. If budget allows, consider making that buddy a personal trainer for even more results.

Take a new route: If you’re not a fan of the gym or classes and prefer outdoor workouts, switch up your location. Instead of running through the city, drive out to the coast for your weekend run. Or walk a different street in your neighborhood a couple days a week - anything to mix it up.

Hit a goal: Instead of saving big goals for your New Year’s Resolutions, create one that you can hit before the clock strikes midnight. Maybe it’s losing a couple inches, finishing a 5K, taking 10 classes a month, or something major like a Spartan Race. Finish the year off strong - you got this!

Download: Is anyone else obsessed with podcasts? I usually listen to them while driving, but I’ve noticed that if I turn one on before a workout, the workout goes by SUPER fast. Whether you like podcasts or even an audiobook, definitely download something that’ll motivate you to finish the workout—especially if you’re sick of your playlists. The podcasts I personally love: Lady Gang, How I Built It, Goal Digger and This American Life.

How are you revamping things for fall?