How To Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer


How to Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer

If you enjoy getting your hair blown out or dread doing it yourself, this little trick is perfect for you! I have naturally frizzy hair that constantly surprises me with the way it air dries. That being said, I like to skip the suspense factor and either blow dry it myself or once in a while get it done at DryBar. My mom has always slept with a nylon in her hair and so naturally, I started using one too. The idea behind the nylon is it de-frizzes and keeps your hair upright while you sleep. When you pull the nylon out in the morning, it leaves your hair looking fresh, full, and perfect. I know it sounds crazy, but it actually works and you will save time and money! I buy the nylons from CVS but I'm sure other drug stores have them too. I even shower, wash my face, and exercise with the nylon too and my blow dry will stay looking good for 4-5 days on average. Of course if you are dripping in sweat after a workout you might want to wash your hair, but in a perfect scenario I promise you a nylon is life changing!


How to wear it:

You want to make sure it is directly on top of your head. Do not make a twisty bun, but pull your hair thru to make a loopy bun (don't know what is the technical term - LOL). Don't be afraid to make it tight, but not to where it is pulling really hard. It should be comfortable when you sleep, if you are feeling it and it is bothering you, it's too tight. Follow these steps and I'm confident your blow dry will last longer!