How I Keep My Hair Healthy


How I Keep My Hair Healthy

My hair is one of my favorite things about myself. I love having healthy, thick hair and I truly cherish it everyday. With weather and environment changes moving from LA to NYC to LA again, I suffered from minor hair loss and now I've gotten it all back! I don't take any vitamins besides iron because my latest blood tests showed my I was low in iron. However, I have never taken biotin or those hair gummies you see all over the internet because I've spoken to doctors and they literally say it's a scam. Biotin is great for your nails, hair, and skin, but if your hair starts falling out due to stress or environmental factors, it's not going to help. So aside from vitamins, how do I keep my healthy? Here's how:


Wash 2-3 Times a Week

I work out 5-6 times a week at the moment and because I have dry hair that does not get greasy, I blow dry my roots right after a workout with cold air and this keeps it fresh and looking good! I also do not use a ton of product which helps keep it looking clean. I sleep in a nylon and workout with one too which helps my hair not crease. Sounds weird but get all the details on that here: How to Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer.

Air Dry and then Blow Dry

After I wash my hair, I let it sit in my favorite hair towel for about 30 minutes. You can purchase some here: Turbie Twist Hair TowelThen, I'll brush it out using a soft bristle brush and some heat protectant. Right now, I'm completely hooked on Color Wow Hair's Dream Coat Spray. It fights frizz and humidity and lasts three washes. When you are brushing your hair, spray a generous amount all over so that your hair actually becomes more wet. Once you start applying heat, the product is activated. Blow dry your hair our like you usually do and voila! It gives your hair that shiny Kim Kardashian sheen! Shop it here: Dream Coat Spray

No Bleach

I had a phase when I was still in high school where I wanted my hair lighter, so I added some highlights which eventually turned orange. Yeah I know, bad colorist. Then, I wanted to do the whole balayage thing so I made my hair lighter and lighter until it literally looked horrible and so unnatural. Again, a few bad colorists. Since then, I have been putting a semi-permanent gloss over my hair every 6 months or so when those orange ends start to come through and making it darker has helped my hair feel and look healthier. I'm thinking of going a little lighter around the face for the summer, but this time I would go to a great colorist since I have definitely learned my lesson. But to sum it up, no bleach has made my hair feel softer and look more shiny!

Trim Every 4 months

My hair grows quick, but my ends get very dry. I get a trim every four months if I'm really on top of it, but twice a year works for me too! I get about 3 inches off each time and because my ends become so gross, you can't even tell I got my hair cut! My favorite place to go for my color and hair cuts in LA is Balayage by Gigi Salon, Lisa is the best with cuts! She also gives a killer blowout and Gigi is who has been giving me my gloss color treatment!

Ponytails Lead to Breakage

Did you know ponytails lead to breakage and give your hair extra frizz!? I just found this out about a year ago and that's why I use my handy dandy little nylon as a ponytail. I also try to do low ponytails when working out or messy buns on the top of my head. I no longer do a high ponytail because the tightness causes breakage close to your root. I've seen my hair become increasingly healthier and less frizzy by this simple step. There are also a ton of hair brands that make ponytails that are made to not cause any damage to your hair which I will link to below!


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