Misty Malibu Morning


Malibu Mornings in Hanes...

There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound of waves on a misty summer morning in Malibu, California. With the gloom outside I would be content staying in bed all day in my Hanes. The Marine Layer of clouds hiding the sunshine makes for the perfect view to stay in bed and drink some hot coffee. I've partnered with Hanes and tested out their comfortable fit so I can tell you all about it! With their soft feel, Hanes Cool Comfort Cotton Bikini underwearare perfect to lounge in and great for everyday wear during the cool months of winter and warm California summers! TheComfy Support ComfortFlex Fit braI'm wearing is great for everyday wear. The name says it best, it’s so comfortable and stretchy so it fits according to your body, with enough support and just the right amount of fabric to keep you cool in the summer!

When buying undergarments, I look for comfort and versatility. In other words, I want my undies to give me comfydence: the state of feeling absolutely certain you can accomplish anything as a result of superior comfort. You can trust Hanes to give you that feeling regardless of what age you are and career you have!

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