3 Tips for Keeping your Hair Healthy this Summer


Healthy, strong hair is everyone's goal, am I right?! I for one believe in doing the necessary precautions to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny year-round. With scorching and dry temperatures during the summers in Southern California, and my love for beach vacations, my hair needs a little extra TLC. I use heat on my hair almost everyday, and I get a lot of comments asking what I use on my hair, how I do my hair, and if I have any suggestions for hair growth. I wanted to share some of my favorite regimens for maintaining my long hair from heat protection, to the way I brush my hair, each thing you do may have an effect on the overall look and feel of your hair.


Here are my 3 tips to having a hair healthy summer:

  • Try to wash your hair as little as possible (every 3-4 days) and use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Researchers believe the sulfate can strip your hair and scalp or essential oils which can lead to dry and dull hair. If you wait 3-4 days to wash your hair, use a very moisturizing conditioner and leave in oil. Only apply the conditioner to your ends and if you can stand it, rinse your hair out with cold water. It seems crazy but a cold water rinse is actually proven to be great for her elasticity and shine.

  • Be sure to brush your hair from the bottom, making your way your way to the top once your hair has been towel-dried. The reason for this is because wet hair is more fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

  • Invest in a great heat protectant and oil. Conditioners are great and can do wonders, but oils give your hair nutrients and essential fatty acids to boost the overall appearance and feel of your hair.

My favorite healthy hair products: