Why I Love Yoga


Yoga recently became something I do on a regular basis to clear my head and help me relax when I am feeling stressed.  My mom did yoga regularly when I was younger, but I never was interested in it because I thought it was boring and I was very impatient! 

In highschool I was forced to take yoga as an elective for 2 years and found that I actually enjoyed it! I find yoga and pilates to be amazing, deep stretch workouts which cause you to engage the deepest of muscles in your body. This is awesome for me because I have a background in dance and I am familiar with engaging my core and individual muscles when necessary. 

I try to do hot yoga a couple times a month and I really love it! The heat allows you to work deeper into your muscles and stretch further all while in heat up to 112°!  It flushes toxins and increases blood flow. I recommend yoga for anyone who wants to find balance in their lives, starting within themself. Did you know yoga is PROVEN to make you feel happier, perfects posture, boosts your immune system, helps you sleep deeper, and betters your bone health! 

After I leave a yoga glass I feel so at ease :) it's the best feeling! 

Clothes are by Alo Yoga courtesy of  Carbon38.com 

Photos by Ari Farooroy