Favorite Vegan Restaurants in LA


Los Angeles is full of healthy food options and people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. That being said, healthy food options are on nearly every corner, so I thought I could share with you some of my favorite vegan restaurants. For your information I am not vegan, but I do enjoy eating healthy and trying new things! Over the past year I have cut back my meat intake (chicken, red meat) and have tried a handful of restaurants that have partially vegan and fully vegan menus. I alsoΒ am not one of those people who will eat "chicken" made out of tofu or other "meats" made out of soy or plant-based proteins. These few restaurants made me wonder if being vegan was even hard! The food tasted so good, dairy and meat did not even cross my mind. Cafe Gratitude, Venice - My favorite for breakfast! I love their gluten-free pancakes and the mint chip "milkshake" (dairy-free of course!).

Gracias Madre, West Hollywood (pictured)- I love their cauliflower frito, potato flautas, and the street corn. They are also known for their snowcone cocktails!

Sun Cafe, Studio City - I love their Sun Nachos, Margherita Pizza, and their coffee shake if you go for breakfast/brunch which hasΒ coffee beans, cold brewed coffee, cashews, dates, cacao, and vanilla.


Where is your favorite vegan restaurant?

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