Favorite Restaurants at the Moment

If you didn't already know, I am a huge foodie by nature and I wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants at the moment with you all. If you follow me on Snapchat (juilafriedmann), you can see that I eat anything from green smoothies, to sea urchin pasta, to foie gras, to a simple salad. I have a big appetite but a tiny stomach! That being said, I only splurge when it is definitely worth it!

Being born and raised in Los Angeles and being brought up in a family who LOVES to eat, it's only right I do you a favor and share some of my go-to spots right now...

Jon & Vinny's, Fairfax - What I got: LA Woman Pizza, Cacio e Pepo Pasta, Spicy Fusili Pasta Jon & Vinny's Julia Friedman Bon Appetite (Not my photo)

Pedaler's Fork, Calabasas - What I got: Mushroom Scramble, Raw Chia Banana Bowl Julia Friedman Eats at Peddlers Fork in Calabsas.


Sweetfin Poke, Santa Monica - What I got: Spicy Yuzu Salmon, but I also love the Spicy Tuna Bowl!

Sweetfin Julia Friedman Google Images  (Not my photo)

Where do you like to eat? Comment below!