Favorite Activewear Brands


With New Year's Resolutions in full effect, I thought I could do a post rounding up my favorite activewear brands!

Most people put fitness at the top of their resolutions list, myself included. I have always been into health foods and working out, but I let myself enjoy the fourth quarter of 2018, and started working out and eating healthier starting in December. I always like to get a head start on my wellness and fitness routine before the first of the year. I have been working out almost everyday and using ClassPass to try some new classes since they are giving everyone their first month free if you sign up using this link: http://class.ps/Ir7XW. After the month of free credits, you have the option of paying between $49-$139 per month depending on the amount of credits you would like. Each class ranges from as low as 3 credits to as high as 14. If you book the night before, the classes "cost" less, so that's what I've been doing!

Now on to the fun part: the clothing. Nothing is like a wardrobe refresh in I the fitness department to get you excited for a new class or fitness routine! I used to only wear Lululemon because I thought they were the best, but many new activewear brands have emerged and I've expanded my horizons. My top three are All Yoga, Outdoor Voices, and then of course Lululemon because their pants and bras are simple and clean.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from each of my favorite activewear brands at the moment:

Alo Yoga: My favorite aspect of Alo Yoga is how all their products are sweatshop-free and eco friendly, but their prices are still reasonable. I also love how styles are from studio-to-street, meaning they are chic and you can wear them inside the gym and outside for a cute fitness look!

Outdoor Voices: Outdoor Voices is awesome. I love their brand Moto "Doing Things," because it's all about creating activewear for every kind of workout and lifestyle. They started out of LA and their pieces hold you in, in all of the right places!


Lululemon: A classic, and probably the best bras and pants I own. Their prices can be a bit steep at times, but they do have amazing sales in store! I love their extra thin pants that somehow are still extremely flattering!