DIY: Wall Calendar


Here's how to easily make a customized wall calendar for under $100!

DIY: Wall Calendar

I posted an Instagram photo last week of my home office in my bedroom (lol) and received a ton of questions regarding the calendar and where it was from so I thought I would simplify it for you in a blog post so you c an make one too! Last summer I was looking for a calendar for a kind of weird size to perfectly fit my wall. The only ones I could find that I really liked were lucite and around $500. I liked the idea of them being dry erase because I honestly just love writing with dry erase markers (yep - still a kid!). I did some research online but had a hard time finding the size I needed and a frame that matched for under $100. I measured the space and found a standard frame size from Aaron Brothers that would work and that I actually liked! I then went on Etsy to try and find a font and template I liked. The one I found was super cheap and I downloaded it instantly. After downloading, I went online and tried to find the best price to print 12 huge prints. A trick I discovered is the size I wanted was the same size as floor plan / architectural prints which were thin paper and less expensive than regular paper. I ended up using Staples and my prints were ready in under a week!


Where I found inspiration for an office space: My Pinterest Workspace Board