Comfydence is Key


Thank you to Hanes for partnering with me on this post. All opinions expressed below are mine and genuine.

Com β€’ fy β€’ dence (noun): the state of feeling absolutely certain you can accomplish anything as a result of superior comfort.

Hanes never disappoints when it comes to comfort and quality of their undergarments. It's no wonder that Hanes is one of America's most iconic brands. With their new designs having sexy, yet simple details to them such as lace and being seamless, I can honestly say that I feel the most confident in their designs because of how comfortable I am!


I always go for comfort when it comes to choosing a bra, and the bras I tend to want to wear everyday all have no underwire in them. My personal favorite is the ComfortBlend T-Shirt Wirefree Bra which you can see me wearing below in gray. I love how it appears almost seamless underneath your clothing and doesn't dig in to my skin because of its flexible, 4-way stretch fabric.


With the climate changing from scorching hot to freezing cold, it's important that your undergarments can keep you comfortable in any temperature! I am a sucker for high-waist underwear to roam around my apartment in and sleep in. My personal favorite are the Cool Comfort Hi-Cut panties. They are so soft and stretchy and they are actually so flattering! They are sold in a 4-pack, which is amazing and only $24!

I love how comfortable my Hanes products make me feel. Comfydence is truly a way of life at this point!