Best Eyebrow Products

You know what they say... The bigger the brow the bigger the..

Best Eyebrow Products

I was trying to be clever up there but I really couldn't think of anything that "they" say... Anyways, in today's post I'm going to be sharing my favorite products for eyebrows. I get my brows done about every two months. I like natural looking brows and mine naturally have a high arch. I pluck the hair around my brows, but am careful not to pluck any hair that would alter their shape. I think eyebrows are one of the most important focal points of a persons face and honestly say a lot about a person which is kinda crazy! Their upkeep, their vibe, etc... I love trying out new products and reviewing them in an honest light (obviously). Nothing in this post is sponsored, these are just truly my favorite and what I believe to be the best eyebrow products.

Shop the Best Eyebrow Products:

Like I said, I love natural looking brows so the majority of the products I linked above are going to give you that. One product I still haven't tried is the Glossier Boy Brow which I need to get! Let me know your favorite brow products by leaving a comment for me below!

 A couple more tips:

  • It's best to pluck your eyebrows after the shower because your hair follicles are easier to remove when open.

  • Don't tweeze before you go out and put make up on because it can irritate your skin and leave it red.

  • Always tweeze the hair in the direction that it is growing in. This way you will ensure you are pulling from the root, and you won't break the follicle, which can help to avoid ingrown hairs.

  • If you are using a magnifying mirror, be sure to occasionally step back from the mirror so you can gain perspective.

  • Be sure to use good tweezers to avoid breakage, my favorite are by Rubis, shop them here:

  • If you have light brows that tend to look overdone when penciled in, you can easily get them tinted to look a bit darker, but still natural!