Beating the Frizz in the Winter


How to Beat Frizz in the Winter

Having naturally dry, frizzy hair has always been a struggle for me, so that is why my hair is always blow dried or curled in the majority of my photos. FYI: I wash my hair twice a week, use a deep conditioning mask prior, and blow dry it after keeping it up in a microfiber hair towel for about 30-45 minutes. When I take my hair out of the towel, I immediately add a rich oil to my ends, brush it with my Wet Brush, and then add heat protector. Voila! Now time to blow dry. I have been using the Bio-Ionic GoldPro Speed Dryerfor a few months now and I really love it! Apparently, it's ceramic mineral complex helps keep moisture locked in and reduces drying time by 50%. I'm not sure about all that, but I do know that I love the way my hair looks and feels afterwards and that it's not dull or dry after either! To finish my routine, I use a shine cream or elixir on my ends to really lock in shine. During the colder months, I rely on these serums and creams to help fight frizz but not weigh my hair down while doing so. I searched my BFF, a.k.a. Google on how to beat frizz, and I found the following simple tips!


Tips for Beating the Frizz:

  • Dry your hair with a microfiber towel and then a ceramic drier.

  • Use a conditioning mask once a week.

  • Do your hair at night, so you can sleep on it and reduce static overnight.

  • Weigh it down with hairspray.

  • Use a serum or smoothing cream.

  • Use a plastic brush for wet hair.

  • Use a metal comb for dry hair.

  • Dry your hair with a round brush for extra smoothness.

  • Use alcohol-free products. (Not sure about this one, I think most of my products contain alcohol honestly)

  • Twist hair into a bun or put into braid.

  • See my post on How to Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer here.