5 Things to do at Night for an Easier Morning


Just a little disclaimer before I start: If you are not a morning person, my goal by the end of you reading this is for you to at least be inclined to try these tips. If you are a morning person, you will sure appreciate these ideas to help you have an even easier morning.

Let's do it! So to start, I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your support over the last month. I feel like my community is growing and full of such nice and helpful people! Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what you awesome people like to read/learn about most, so if you ever have anything you feel I should blog about, feel free to shoot me an email, leave a comment on my blog, or even send me a direct message on Instagram. I actually got the idea for this blog post for one of my readers and I really liked it!


1. Shower Before Bed

Contrary to common belief that showers wake you up, a warm shower can give you the right amount of peace and quiet to release stress and calm you down. I love to take a shower to clear my mind and unwind before bed. I think it is one of the best things ever! That doesn't mean you have to shower in the morning too. Unless you sweat a ton in your sleep, you will still be clean when you wake up!

2. Clean Your Room

I feel like my room is always messy because I just have so much stuff everywhere, yet I know exactly where everything is. Anyone else have this problem?! Recently I have been trying to tidy up a bit before I get into bed and I think it is another great way to de-stress. Besides, who likes waking up to a messy room? That's one way to wake up on the wrong side of the bed... (HAHA - get it?!) Okay I will stop with the puns, but seriously I have this love/hate relationship with cleaning and I really do enjoy waking up to a neat room!

3. Read Something

Whether that may be a magazine or a book, reading is a great way for your mind to detach from social media and anything you are anxious about. I like to light a candle too! Whenever I light a candle and I'm in bed, it puts me in a cozy mood and I love how smells can be therapeutic, just be sure to blow it out before you fall asleep!

4. Pick Out Your Outfit for the Next Day

I remember doing this throughout my childhood for school, but this is something that really helps me! If I know what I'm doing the next day, I plan out my whole outfit and lay it out. Not only does that save time in the morning, but I tend to like my outfit from the night before way more than one I may try to put together in the morning. This also helps with anxiety (if you have general anxiety like I do) because sometimes I lay in bed at night and my mind will not strop racing. Whether I'm thinking about ideas, what I have to do the following day, or even what I'm wearing, if I can alleviate any of those factors, it's great for me!

5. Stay Away from Sugar

This last one is the hardest for me since I have such a sweet tooth! It's important to stay away from all forms of sugar prior to bed because not only is it bad for your metabolism to have sugar before bed, the sugar can produce a "high" effect making it hard for you to fall asleep. This also happens with chocolate (my guilty pleasure), because chocolates contain caffeine and I for one can say I have experienced my fair share of tossing and turning due to a huge sugar intake before bed. Now that you have read this, you will probably notice the way sugar leaves you feeling the next morning: hungover. Yes, you can get a sugar hangover and yes, I have experienced this plenty and I try to pick and choose the nights that I feel it's "worth it."

What is your favorite thing to do to help you rest easier at night? Comment below!