5 Must Visit Spots in Los Angeles


I went back home to Los Angeles for the week and here's where I visited

5 Must Visit Spots in Los Angeles

I spent the past week in Los Angeles, my hometown, and really enjoyed being with my family. I did venture out to some of my favorite places, even though I was sick, and I thought I would share them with you. If I made an effort to go to these spots, which are reasonable and not scattered all over the place,  then I think you can safely assume they are worth your while. I was able to visit all of them in 4 days. If you haven't been to LA, everything is very spread out, and with traffic being brutal it can make sight seeing both unenjoyable and unrealistic. So here are my 5 must visit spots in Los Angeles that you can actually visit within 2 days if you really want to!

5 Must Visit Spots in Los Angeles by Julia Friedman wearing Nightcap Bardot Ruffled Lace One Piece.
5 Must Visit Spots in Los Angeles by Julia Friedman wearing Nightcap Bardot Ruffled Lace One Piece.


Malibu is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm not sure how to explain it, but upon arriving I just feel a sort of inner peace. If you didn't know, the beach is my happy place. I could lay there for hours. If you visit Malibu, a couple spots I would recommend visiting are the Country Mart, the pier (Malibu Farms), Sunlife Organics, and Carbon Beach.


During this past week I actually went to Delilah for only my second time, but this trendy restaurant is seriously so chic and if you go for a late dinner during Thursday-Saturday, they have a DJ and it turns into a cool bar with great music. It definitely has old Hollywood vibes which I love. I highly recommend going here but not without a reservation. Great fo drinks and dinner!


Yes, everyone knows Melrose is a must for shopping, but I love the restaurants too! Croft Alley is a really cool lunch spot behind Alfred's Coffee on Melrose Place. Zinque is another one of my favorite restaurants. I get their brown rice bowl called Le Bowl. SO GOOD. Restoration Hardware across from Urth Caffe is a must visit and their rooftop has a beautiful sitting area where you can chill at.

Health Nut

Yes, this place is home to the salads the Kardashian's are always eating, and yes, they really are good. My favorite two salads are the Tuna Avocado with both the spicy and the sesame dressing and also the Noodlerama with chicken, which is basically like a Chinese Chicken Salad with rice noodles. I go to Health Nut all the time because it's right by my house and I actually never get sick of it!

Poppy/Doheny Room

If you are looking to go out, Poppy is more of an aggressive club with an indoor/outdoor feel and I just went for my first time. The music was great. Doheny Room has been a Thursday night favorite for me for the past year because it's slightly more chill than your typical club and their music is amazing. If you are looking for a more low-key bar or spot, Santa Monica would be your place. Try 31Ten, James Beach, or Shore Bar.