4 Simple Small Space/Dorm Exercises


Simple and effective exercises you can do on the go while traveling or in your apartment or dorm!

Being able to exercise just about anywhere—hotel rooms, small apartments, dorms, etc.—is important to keep my fitness routine in check. Because I like to be able to work out wherever I am, I want to share a few of the best and most effective exercises that you really can do no matter where you are—large space or tiny.


I recommend taking the four exercises I list below and making your own kind of high intensity interval training (HIIT) mini workout. This means doing each movement as hard as you can and then taking a few minutes of rest between rounds. I would recommend 3-4 rounds, but do whatever works best for you in the amount of time you have.

10 Burpees

Burpees are probably one of my least favorite exercises, but I put them on the list because I feel like as awful as they are, they’re effective. This move works muscles all over your body, from your arms and legs to your core. It’s not fun to do at all, but trust me when I say it’ll definitely help keep you in shape.

2 Minutes of Jumping Jacks

I like to add in a move like jumping jacks because it doesn’t sound intimidating. Knowing I don’t have to do something else I hate after the burpees helps me get through the work out. Don’t be fooled though, two minutes of jumping jacks isn’t a walk in the park. It’ll get your heart rate up, which helps to burn more calories throughout the rest of the workout.

40 Mountain Climbers (20 on each leg)

This is another move I don’t find intimidating, but I always remember why I include it once I start doing it. Mountain climbers, like burpees, will also work multiple muscle groups, which is why they’re super effective. When I know I don’t have a lot of space to move around in and will probably be doing a shorter than usual workout, I want to do the moves that I know my body will benefit most from.

1 Minute Plank

Last but not least, the plank. I saved the worst for last. The plank is such a trick because when you watch someone do it, especially a really fit person, it doesn’t look hard at all. Then I go to do it and it kicks my butt every single time.

I hope these moves are quick and easy to do wherever you find yourself!