Staying in Shape on Vacation


Three simple ways to help you stay in shape while you travel

I absolutely love traveling, but the late nights, yummy food, and long travel days can tend to take a toll on my body. I am, generally speaking, a pretty healthy person, I exercise regularly and eat clean 80% of the time, but when I am on a trip I like to give myself a break and just relax! That being said, if I am on a tropical vacation, I want to feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit the entire time and not just the first day! I am currently in Colombia and I wanted to share three ways that have helped me maintain my weight from the inside-out this trip!

  • Getting Proper Sleep

Sleeping on vacation can be hard due to jet-lag, but sleep is really key while traveling! For the normal person, if you don't get a proper sleep (approximately eight hours), your body tends to need more food to use as energy, which can cause you to over eat. Since I eat out at nearly every meal while traveling, the food is already heavily seasoned and more caloric than the food I would make at home. Moral of the story: Sleep is not for the weak! Sleep is for the healthy!

  • Drinking Water

I tend to drink an ample amount of water at home, so my body has become accustomed to nearly two liters daily and I feel my body relies on water to ensure everything is working properly internally. Everyone's bodies are different, some people may drink more water than others and that is totally fine, I think you first need to figure out what works for you! Flying is also very dehydrating so be sure to drink up before and after a flight! Most of the time, hotels only provide small water bottles and then you have to pay for bottled water at restaurants (which adds up). I like to get a couple big bottles from a local convenience store so I don't have to worry about not being able to have water by my bed at night. I'm weird (I know) but I often wake up in the middle of the night thirsty!

  • Incorporating Exercise

If you are like me and like to exercise daily, it can be hard to find time or even find the energy to go to a hotel gym or just do some floor workouts. When I am on vacation, I give myself a break. I prefer getting my heart rate up by taking walks or jogging outside and exploring the place I am visiting! Swimming in the ocean or pool would be my next favorite thing, and then opting to walk instead of taking a cab would follow, as just a simple way to get my steps in. You don't have to do anything rigorous, just twenty minutes of walking at a swift pace helps maintain a healthy weight!

How do you stay in shape while you travel?