Simple Tips for Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed


Do you ever come across to someone's Instagram profile and just admire how awesome their feed looks? I know I do! Instagram has become a business platform for so many people and having a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing feed can definitely help grow your following and captivate the eyes of many viewers. I strive to create a cohesive Instagram feed without surrounding my life around it and without making it all monochromatic. For me, I stick to a simple routine and wanted to share it with those want to create a pretty Instagram without any hassle!


First thing is first - download these two apps:

  1. VSCO: Click here to download VSCO

  2. UNUM:Click here to download UNUM

VSCO is my favorite editing app because it comes with amazing filters that you can add to your photos in a matter of seconds. You can also copy and paste your edits on one photo to multiple photos!

How to copy & paste edits: Copy & Paste on VSCO

UNUM is what I use to plan out my Instagram. You can move around photos and re-arrage them to see how they would look in different areas of your feed. You can also create your captions and set up what times of day you want to post, the app will them remind you and you can post with the click of a button!

UNUM features with photos: Click here for UNUM features

I recommend shooting your images on the weekend or beginning of the week so that you aren't scrambling thought the week to get photos (trust me it is no fun and seriously so easily avoided). After I take all my photos, I start playing around with what I like best on UNUM. After I see what you like, I use VSCO cam to apply the same filter to all your photos. This is key for me! I feel that when I use the same filter it creates a sort of similar look throughout all of my photos and certain colors stick out in all of them which helps with the overall aesthetic of my feed. The filters on VSCO go from the minimum strength of 1 to a maximum strength of 12. I normally will put anywhere from 2-5 on each of my photos. I find the lighter the edit, the better!

What is your favorite editing app for photos? Comment below!