My 7 Must-Have Beauty Products

Taking care of my skin is something I truly enjoy! I have pretty dry skin, so I always am looking for products that are hydrating, but not too oily for during the day. At night, I love oily products because I feel like they really seep into my pores for ultimate moisture. I have tried a plethora of products ranging from inexpensive to very expensive and these are the absolute winners for me right now:

beauty blender must have

Beauty Blender Opal Essence Serum Primer: This is a new product I recently discovered and it works wonders! I love to apply this prior to doing my makeup because it really hydrates and plumps the skin and doesn’t just coat your skin in a weird jelly like other primers. It adds moisture and an even glow!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid Serum: This little bottle of magic is expensive but will literally last you for six months. I put a dime sized amount in mind hands and then pat it all over my face and neck before my moisturizer. It helps brighten my skin, hydrate my skin, and make it more overall more plump. I highly recommend this serum, it is LIFE. Even Kourtney Kardashian raves about it!

Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask: This mask is super hydrating. I like to use it once a week. I have redness on my cheeks and it helps even out my skin tone. I’ve even slept in it before. The calendula is very calming to my skin, so it’s great it I spent a lot of time in the sun or just had a facial. I also love to use this the night before an event or shoot, I have never broken out from it and it really helps lock in moisture while firming my skin!

Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment: This is one of the only eye creams I like to use before makeup because it keeps your under eyes hydrated and doesn’t let your makeup crackle. I love how small it is too because if I have had a long day and want to freshen up my makeup, I apply it on top of my makeup and it does the trick! I have super dry under eyes and this is literally the best and so affordable.

Biossance Vitamin C + Squalane Rose Oil: Biossance is one of my favorite brands. Their products are such high quality and they are a clean beauty brand, meaning it is made without harmful ingredients! I use this at night when my skin is feeling extra dry, and even during the day as a primer if I’m trying to achieve a glowy, no makeup look! This has been a staple of mine for almost two years now and it really helps with evening out skin tone.

Kopari Coconut Melt: Everything about this product is heavenly if you love coconuts like me! It smells SO good. I love using this after i shower to hydrate my body. My legs are usually really dry and this really helps lock in moisture for literally the whole day/night. It is also a clean product which I love!

Starskin Beauty Pink Cactus Lip Treatment: This is the newest addition to my beauty cabinet and I am loving it! If you always have chapped lips like I do, then this is for you! This two-step treatment exfoliates and moisturizes your lips like no other. I just used it for the first time yesterday and my lips feel like baby skin!

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