5 Perfect Red Lipsticks Under $20

I feel that red lips represent a bold and confident woman. I think they are perfect to add to transform a daytime outfit to a look you can wear out at night too! Recently, I have been adding a red lip for a slightly dressier look and I really like how it looks. I believe you can wear a red lip year round, but I tend to like red lips in the Fall and Winter and a peachier lip in the Spring and Summer.

I wanted to share with you how I am able to get a precise red lip and share some of my favorite lips products with you all. It takes me a little while to put on a red lip just because you have little room for error since red is such a prominent color.

I will use a lip pencil first and then put lipstick towards the center of my lips directly from the stick. The outlines and edges of my lips tend to be a little trickier for me to apply so I will actually use a lipstick brush to make sure I have the sharpest and cleanest edge possible. I think it depends on what type of lip products you personally enjoy using, but I tend to use a little of everything. Although, different lipsticks and lip pencils are fun to use and try out, having a variety of colors can get quite pricey! T

hat being said I have purchased a handful of red lipsticks, lip stains, glosses, and pencils and tried them each out so that you don't have to! The items below are my favorite red lip products, and the best part: they are each under $20!

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