4 Ways to Find Style Inspiration

Whenever I am feeling uninspired, there are certain places I go to for inspiration and I thought I would share my favorites with you! My style is a mixture of chic and boho if that makes sense. I like to say my style icon is Bella Hadid with a little bit of Rocky Barnes, I know kind of interesting, but the two of them are both super chic in different ways. Classy and edgy: my two favorite words to describe my style. When I am looking for outfit inspiration I turn to the four ways below:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is the best place for me to find style inspiration because so many bloggers use it and it's become such a powerful platform for street style photographers to showcase their photos on as well. Follow my Pinterest here to catch some of my favorite looks, as well as my own outfits that don't always make it to the gram!

  • Online Retailers: I think Revolve.com along with FWRD.com by Elyse Walker both do an amazing job at styling their models. I know it's kind of a weird place to turn to for inspiration because you may end up online shopping like me, but they do such a great job with minimal styling that is actually possible to do with similar pieces you may have.

  • Instagram: Instagram is probably the place where I gather the most inspiration from. With everything from interior design, to recipes, to street style, and more, you can never go wrong. Using hashtags like #streetstyleluxe or #ootd in the search tab can take you deep into the world of fashion and street style since there are so many photos with those hashtags. Another thing you can look at on Instagram are the accounts of celebrity stylists like @mimi who dress stars like Pryanka Chopra and Gigi Hadid.

  • Magazines: It's hard to believe they are still printing magazines in 2019, but if you are ever in a waiting room or on a flight, magazines are great for discovering current trends and looking at celebrity style. I also love looking on online publications like WhoWhatWear.com and the Coveteur.com. Not everything I look at is stuff I actually want to buy. Most of the time I don't end up buying anything, but again I create looks that are similar to those online by using pieces from my own closet! It's kind of like playing a game of dress up!